The Inspire Collection allows our private clients to gain inspiration to get started on your

own interior design projects. We provide a full design and make service for private clients and are experienced in interior furniture design. We believe that in conjunction with modern technology, functional furniture can be luxurious, beautiful, high quality and full of colour.


For interior designers and architects, the inspire collection demonstrates our versatility and experience of unique, modern, functional and beautiful bespoke furniture and cabinetry. Please feel free to contact us regarding your up and coming projects. 


 Arrange a chat with us to discuss your project or bespoke furniture design requirements. 

Inspired by a warm and rustic feel? Traditional with a contemporary twist?

Rustic - Warm 


Inspired by a unique, elegant and contemporary feel?

Beautiful - Elegant


Inspired by something a bit different? Looking for a piece to brighten up your space?

Colourful - Playful  Unique

Inspired by an industrial look or like your furniture to stand out?

Industrial - Strong 

Stand out

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Residential and Commercial
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